About Us

Foundation Alheelh Advertising is one of the oldest and the first institutions in the field of advertising and which from the beginning was the primary goal of innovation and provide all that is new in the Palestinian market.

Foundation established in the city of Hebron in 1982 and continued the institution to keep pace with development and innovation, where the design was initially performed manually with the tools of traditional and continued the institution to evolve with technological development in the field of design and printing of digital, and most important characteristic of the institution that it is working to devise ways and means of working to satisfy the Customers use the newest machines that are running on Altktnologip excellence and modernity in the goods-producing and innovative designs. 

The institution other activities such as production of graphic design and printing, including 

* Design and print posters . 

* Design and print Albraichorat . 

* Designing logos for companies . 

. Design and print magazines . 

* Design and print catalogs . 

* Web design . 

The foundation also conducts training activities as for newcomers in the field of design and advertising.